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SHERO bracelet will protect women's physical safety while,

SheBot will protect women's social media safety

SHERO Bracelet 

Protects Women's Physical Safety

The ultimate safety device, the SHERO bracelet, has its own defence system 

(GPS tracker & Capacity to Electrocute the Perpetrator)

and an application to empower every woman with personal safety, independence and great confidence.

On just a click of a button, the SHERO bracelet will 

A GPS enabled SOS alert to the nearest police station and the guardian of the user 

At the same time, it will give a harmless amount of electric shock to the perpetrator that will leave him unconscious for a couple of minutes 

SHERO Bracelet PNG.png


Protects Women's Safety on Social Media Platforms

SheBot, an AI-Driven Safety Bot For Protecting Women On Social Media Platforms by detecting and blocking any suspicious account that may try to contact our user and effectively reporting the predator's account along with IPS address to the respective social media platform. 

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Wellbeing Platform 

(TBR Late 2021)

SheKnows is an added feature on the SHERO app. 

The most prominent feature of the app that provides personalized wellbeing and healing space for the assault victim. Since sexual assault can take many different forms, it caters to different communities depending on the type of assault. Each of these features has been meticulously designed with the help of a trauma therapist.

SheKnows components:-

  • Community Chat

  • Private Counselling

  • Journal

  • Self Care Tips and Tricks

  • Mindfulness session and Article

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